Natural Mate Gourd and Hoof Cup | Free bombilla included | Brown, 100ml

Pure Argentino

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Natural Mate Gourd and Hoof Cup | Free bombilla included | Brown, 100ml
Natural Mate Gourd and Hoof Cup | Free bombilla included | Brown, 100ml

Natural Mate Gourd and Hoof Cup

  • ONE-OF-A-KIND collectible item made with delicacy and respect to Nature
  • Natural gourd and cow hoof meld in a piece of ethnic art
  • Antiseptized and primed for everyday use to volte-face your experience
  • Comes with a free durable bombilla of stainless steel 
  • NB! * Gourds may grow healthy mold – apply lime juice to cure *


Indeed, first time you see this Hoof Mate Gourd it is a WOW! A goblet, a hoof, a piece of art or an everyday utensil? Uncommon, something we don’t have a picture of in our idle mind, odd to be liked instantly, but magnetic and attractive, calling out to be in your possession. 

True as it can be, there is more in the Hoof Mate Cup than artisan craft, practicality and even a message for social interaction. There is energy of Gaucho identity, the essence of what it takes to be a part of the unique and remarkable ethnic group.

This gourd is a revelation, sacred and personal to the bone symbol of Gaucho’s way of life, where a cow is revered, Nature is preached, and communion is the way to survival.


A fine example of Pure Argentino’s versatile range of mate gourds and mate-ritual apparel - purely South American as it suggests, handmade of organic natural materials with a clever eye to the century-old traditions of production. 

This wonderful cup comes as a meld of a natural Cimarron cup and a cloven sole of a cow hoof. No other bio-materials are part of the article, therefore the cup is not subject to decay. Cleaned out and sanitized it is anti-allergic and safe for use. The claw tissue is same as that of antler or horn, touch yet stiff, it has long been used in production of decorative and daily-use goods. The trimmed, pedicured and polished claws are glued durably with the natural squash cup, and the joint is dressed in a piece of cow hide. The shiny alpaca rim top-ups the cup to give it a complete look. 


  1. When used for drinking purposes, apply special care to clean. Do not use bleach or aggressive detergents, sharp objects or excessive power. 
  2. As none of the pumpkins and hooves grow of identical size and color, slight variations to the pictures given herein are possible.
  3. Natural gourds may grow mold inside. It is healthy, and easily removed with lime juice. See a booklet included in your package.


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