Handmade Mate Gourd Wrapped with synthetic ECO Leather and steel Bombilla. (Black)

Pure Argentino

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The Handmade Mate Gourd Wrapped with synthetic ECO Leather
  • REASSURES the taste of all sorts of teas and herbal infusions
  • COMFORTS your hand with a gentle touch of leather
  • SPEAKS for a perfect possession for collection, décor, gift and most of all - everyday use.
  • IMPROVES the environment as a product of modern production technologies and organic farming
  • MAXIMIZES your drinking experience with a complimentary stainless steel bombilla straw



Get one of our finest authentically South American squash cups today and surrender yourself to a complete reconsideration of your mate drinking experience on a startling discovery of purity of savor of your favorite infusion.

Luxuriate it more than just a drink, but an occasion - an act of sociability or mediation, which will charge your senses with comfort, peace and joy.


These Cimarron cups are a tempting fusion of traditional workmanship, intricate design of nature and captivating nostalgic Art Nouveau look.

Nature gives birth to uncommon things. Born in the twist of dance under the tender sun, the gourds all slightly vary in shapes and sizes - naughty, charismatic and truly individual. It is an exclusive gourd for the uncommon you!

Dressed in fine synthetic or faux leather of natural colors and patterns, the exterior boasts soft texture, odor-free properties as well as impressive acid and alkali resistance. The twisted-chain ‘secret’ stitches of waxed cotton thread add some rough-and-ragged touch, and alongside the impressive shine of the alpaca rim and fascinating windings of the three-legged metal stand culminate in the dazzling feel of the past centuries.


Organic materials create a unique and pleasant flavor by forming a better ‘memory’ of what you like. You save time on infusing, and revel in taste.

For a complete and maximal drinking experience, there is a complimentary bombilla in the package. Its fine bulbous filter comes with more than 50 pin-sized holes to pull out only the liquid and leave the dust behind, while the mindful curved shape allows you to stay engaged in the ritual and look forward while drinking.


Checked the photos? They are worth a thousand words. Now, give the gourd a try. It is worth a thousand photos. You are just a few clicks away from purchasing one today.

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