Double Wall Stainless Steel Mate Gourd (Silver)

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Double Wall Stainless Steel Mate Gourd (Silver)
Double Wall Stainless Steel Mate Gourd (Silver)
The Double-wall stainless steel mate gourd
  • SETS YOU FREE in choice of drinks: hot or cold, fizzy or still
  • SAVES YOUR TIME on cleaning and caring: no mould, no curing, no chemicals
  • REASSURES YOUR TRAVEL experience: easily transportable
  • MAKES YOU EASY: can be used for any occasion
  • COMFORTS YOUR HAND with the fine polish of the double-insulated walls

Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Therefore, this calabash-shaped cup is a perfect possession both for an adherent of traditional mate consumption, the one who takes the ritual as an occasion of sociability or meditation, and for a modern, active person, enjoying mobility and open for discoveries.

It is not luxury but an essential ware that unites well routine flow of domestic life and spontaneity of travel, meeting demands for adaptability and flexibility, durability and functionality. See yourself:

  • Less rooted in South American customs, seeking versatility and multiuse? - This cup is for you. Fetch it with self for any occasion and enjoy the drinks you want. The food-grade stainless steel does not retain or impart flavors. Every time it's a pledge of pure savor!
  • Taken aback by the intricacies of caring of natural pumpkin gourds? - This cup is for you. It is super-easy to clean - just flick and rinse after use. Put it in your dishwasher, relax, don't try too hard and put aside any aggressive chemicals or wire-brushes.
  • Want your toddlers to learn mate and keep the kitchenware safe? - This cup is for you. And for them! It is indestructible and sanitary, it won’t break. It is safe due to the oxide film of the interior, protecting the contents from interacting with the metal. It’s molded with a rounded rim at top to assure safe sipping if a bombilla is not used, and a pedestal stand at bottom for perfect vertical balance.

Furthermore, the gourd is super-light and burn-risk-free. The exterior surface is made of stainless steel that stabilizes superb heat-conductivity of the aluminum of the interior. It provides for even and equal distribution of warmth or cold over the gourd, and protects from deformations.

You are in a few clicks away now from getting one of these cups in personal possession and assure your comfort of change in peace of mind.

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