About Us

A community of yerba mate lovers, enchanted by the mate drinking ritual, passionate to share.

Based in Texas with US-wide reach and world fellowship.


We are a young and vibrant group whose love of South American (peoples) culture and nature are intertwined into one by a gourd of mate. It is not only a beverage - it is an occasion. A uniting, comforting and engaging element of our family gatherings, afternoon chats and friendly get-togethers. Every daily routine revolves around the passing of mate for us. As all social activities, it is hedged around with rules and rituals, which we are happy to shed light on herein.

We also deliver the unique hand-made paraphernalia from the approved producers of ethnic wares, a variety of accessories for your ritual and a selection of organic yerbas. Everything you may need to extend your love to others and cherish yourself is there on the main page.  

Stay tuned with us! Over the warming gourd of mate, of course.