Ceramic Mate

Ceramic Yerba-Mate Gourd With Emboss Calabash Pattern (Brown) | Bombilla included

Pure Argentino

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Ceramic Yerba-Mate Gourd With Emboss Calabash Pattern (Brown) | Bombilla included
Ceramic Yerba-Mate Gourd With Emboss Calabash Pattern (Brown) | Bombilla included
The Ceramic Yerba-Mate Gourd With Emboss Calabash Pattern
  • SETS YOU FREE in choice of drinks: hot or cold, sour or sweet
  • SAVES YOUR TIME on cleaning and caring: no mould, no curing, no chemicals
  • REASSURES YOUR TRAVEL experience: easily transportable
  • MAKES YOU EASY: can be used for any occasion
  • COMFORTS YOUR HAND with tender warmth of clay



Ceramic gourds are naturally special - they unite all the elements: water, fire, earth and wind, as well as the warmth of skillful hands of the potter. Just seeing the cup will always provoke positive emotions and fill heart with comfort, peace and joy.

This handmade cup of calabash pumpkin shape is a practical, though traditional, alternative to the natural gourd. It assures pure savor of the infusion or drink, free of chemicals or oxidation. Although, it does not have a memory feature of a Cimarron cup, it allows use of sour liquids, hot and cold, fizzy and still, with or without a bombilla; it does not retain or impart flavors, and thereby provides versatility and multi-use. Furthermore, no side-smells will ever disturb your luxuriating the drink.

Clay is well-known for its super-insulating qualities. It means not only that there is minimum risk of burn for your lips and hands, but also that you are free to heat or warm it up in a microwave or oven.

It is durable and ergonomic. No stress in taking care of the gourd is guaranteed. Just flick gently the dregs and rinse under a stream of water. Glazed clay is resistant to any detergents and washing liquids, but make sure you do not try too hard and use abrasives like metal brush for instance. Little care is always good, watch out and do not drop the vessel - occasional clumsiness may not break the ware, but definitely result in nasty chips disappointing the glamour of the glazed embossment of calabash sprout patterns.

You are just one-step away from getting one of these cups in personal possession and assuring your experience of yerba mate consumption, in socializing or meditation, while travelling or at home.

Still here? Well, you are free to use it to store little things of great value, or arrange inside your favorite flowers.

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