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Curved alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated

Pure Argentino

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Curved alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated
Curved alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated

Hand-made bulbous spoon-filter curved alpaca bombilla with a decorative cuff and 18K gold-plated spout

If you are a person serious about herbal infusions, a beginner or a seasoned drinker, it is best to enjoy your drink with a spoon-filter straw or bombilla, as the Argentinians say. You get the perfect taste of the drink in the air of regality and luxury. The bombilla-straw is an ancient traditional South-American device, used to sip the yerba-mate from calabash-gourds. However, it could be easily used with other tea-cups to enjoy loose teas and herbal blends. Furthermore, a bombilla is a perfect substitution for a tea-strainer. When herbs are left to float unrestricted in hot water they release more of the important nutrients and antioxidants. The fine filter of the straw with more than 50 pine-sized holes pulls out only the liquid and leaves the dregs and dust behind, thereby maximizing the benefits of the herb. Furthermore, the spoon-end allows to easily scoop the dregs out of the cup when you are done drinking. The unique design of the filter guarantees years of faultless operation. At the same time when occasional clogging happens, blow the bombilla once or twice to release the air-bubble. The other, spout-end, of the bombilla is 18K gold plated, which adds aesthetics to the elegant curve of the straw. There is also an important function in these glamorous elements: - gold does not transmit heat very well and therefore protects the lips from the heat of the bombilla; - the mindful curved shape allows you to stay engaged in the ritual and look forward while drinking. The straw is made of nickel silver or alpaca alloy, which has an impressive silvery shine, easily restored after use with a quick but tender dry rag. Consider not trying too hard or using abrasive sponges, too much effort may damage the plating and leave scratches on the surface. A bombilla-straw is clearly the most healthful, convenient, and effective method devised for sipping herbal tea preparations.


Key Features:

  • High-quality corrosion-resistant traditional Argentinian nickel-silver alloy, shiny and shimmering
  • Looks harmonious and balances well in gourds and cups of 3.5-4.5’’ height
  • Excellent at extracting the nutrients with the thin spoon-end pressurized extraction filter
  • Allows maneuvering and molding the actual herb inside the cup
  • Works perfect with most herbal cuts, including those of very fine particles like Gaucho mate

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