Your gourd needs to be cured! Here are some easy tips to do that very quick:

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate gourds nowadays can be found in different shapes, sizes, and materials.
Choosing the right one can be a tough decision because they all have pros and cons.
After every delicious cup of Yerba Mate comes the toughest part and that is cleaning the gourd, here is how to do it quickly and most efficiently:

                                                                         photo by: Antonello Caragnano 

1. First, gently rinse your gourd with warm water

2. Second, with a spoon or bombilla try to scrape any scattered fragments of the yerba mate

3. Third, clean the bombilla with mild soap after each use, but once a month you should do a deep clean to the bombilla

This is the process known as ''Curing your Yerba Mate''

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