Yerba Mate with stems or without stems? You decide after reading this:

Hanna Kliushneva

Are you familiar with the different types of Yerba Mate blends? 

Yerba Mate originally comes from the leaves of the tree Ilex paraguariensis, that overcome a process of production in 6 steps before we have it ready for brewing on its traditional way.

When buying a Yerba Mate you've probably noticed some varieties. Sometimes looking emerald green (Brazilian Yerba Mate) or smoky, yellowish-brown (Paraguayan Yerba Mate).

What determines the color and aroma of the Yerba Mate? The drying and aging methods. So from there, you'll notice differences in many Yerba Mate blends.

Stem Yerba Mate

                                                                                    photo by: Silvina Álvarez

The first Yerba Mate blend that we would like to discuss is the stem - Yerba Mate that is used in order to prepare this beverage in the traditional way. Whether you'll prepare Chimarrao or Terere, this type of Yerba blend contains stem, leaf, and powder and has a flavor that's milder because of the persistence of stems.

Leaf Yerba Mate

                                                                              photo by: Fernando Varessi

The second Yerba Mate blend is Yerba Mate without stem or pure leaf - Yerba Mate that's mostly sold in teabags. It contains only leaf and powder and is mostly recommended for the experienced Yerba Mate consumers!

Fun fact: The powder in the Yerba Mate blends, sometimes gives to this beverage look like it's a Japanese matcha tea.

The third Yerba Mate blend is a whole plant - Yerba Mate that contains 85% caffeine and it's especially rich in antioxidants.

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