Yerba Mate Versus Green Tea

Stephan Blazevski

Although both Yerba Mate and Green tea are pure joy to be consumed because of the many benefits they have, there are few differences worth mentioning so that it can help you decide which one might become your favorite.

Yerba Mate versus Green tea

The flavor:

- Yerba Mate has a strong, bitterish and grassy flavor.
- Green tea has a sweet to bittersweet vegetal flavor.


- Yerba Mate preparation steps:
Fill the Yerba Mate gourd with lose-leaf Yerba 2/3 to 3/4 and tilt it at 45-degree angle. Then add some water (lukewarm) as close as the wall of the gourd on the lower half of the Yerba (half Yerba Mate filled with water, and half to be dry). Wait for 1 minute for the Yerba Mate to absorb the water. Now, add hot water (approximately 80 Celsius) into the same lower side of gourd. Put the bombilla in the Yerba Mate gourd on the lower side of the Yerba, and once again add more hot water to the same lower side, avoiding the dry part of Yerba Mate. Enjoy!

- Green Tea preparation steps: 

There are few brewing methods, depending on the type of Green tea you use, but this is the most common one with leaves. First take one teaspoon of the green tea and add it in a strainer. Meanwhile, boil the water in a stainless steel pot. Place the strainer with green tea over the cup of choice and pour over it the hot water and let it stir for 3 minutes. Enjoy!

To wrap up. To the question: What's the differences between the Yerba Mate and Green tea? The right answer is the brewing part and their flavor.


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