Yerba Mate Versus Coffee

Stephan Blazevski

Are you looking for a coffee replacement? An infusion that will save you from the jittery feelings, but still give you the energy and mental focus you need to get through the week? 

Yerba Mate, the South American infusion might be just what you're looking for. Why? Because it naturally contains caffeine (85mg per cup). 

Yerba Mate contains 85mg caffeine per cup

      photo by: SklarovRoman

Yerba Mate - a beverage made of the leaves from the Ilex paraguariensis tree. Produced and mostly consumed in Paraguay, Argentina, Southern Brazil and Uruguay although available everywhere, and today at the top 10 most consumed beverages. At 85mg of caffeine per cup, Yerba Mate contains less caffeine than coffee but more than a regular cup of tea. By containing caffeine and many other nutrients, Yerba Mate can improve your energy, mental focus, reduce the fatigue and improve your muscles functionality. 

Yerba Mate compared to Coffee and its caffeine level

      photo by: Yuliia Chyzhevska

Coffee - a brewed infusion prepared from roasted coffee beans. With its ability to ''get you up", became a widely known and most consumed beverage across the globe. Containing 94.8 mg caffeine per cup makes this beverage less favorite among those whose metabolisms can't accept the after effects that this amount of caffeine usually brings.

Although both Yerba Mate and coffee are natural beverages, and have many positive benefits, having less caffeine in Yerba Mate might solve your Monday morning problem and help you seize the everyday! 

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