Yerba Mate production: The steps before you get it ready for use

Stephan Blazevski

Throughout the process of production, Yerba Mate undergoes a few different stages, but all of them are taking special care to keep its natural components!

yerba mate production

                                                                                photo by: Eduardo Amorim

The first of many steps from the whole production process is germination. The seedlings are kept in greenhouses until they grow at least 7 cm.

Next is transferring the seedlings into the field of future plantations. Then they're taken care of almost 4 years, after which the plant reaches a suitable state for harvesting!

The third phase is drying the Yerba Mate leaves, by exposing them to direct fire and heat to reduce humidity.

After drying comes the aging step (the one who determines alongside with blending, the Yerba Mate taste)! Leaves are packed in bags for aging the product!

The last but not least, blending is the most important one because it determines the aroma, color, and flavor too of the Yerba Mate! 

The production process is finished when the Yerba Mate is well packed in containers where the taste and quality will be kept!

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