Yerba Mate production process: behind the scenes

Hanna Kasho

Yerba Mate production proccess (photo by: Judith Maidana - 500px)

                                                                                  photo by: Judith Maidana

In order for us, Yerba Mate lovers to enjoy in each sip, many key steps have to be made in order to have this one of a kind beverage ready for brewing. Where does this plant grow? How it's produced? You'll get the answers to these questions in this article!

Yerba mate is a very specific plant to grow, and these are the steps to ensure it's good quality

1. Germination
Greenhouses are filled with Yerba Mate seeds kept until they grow up to 7cm

2. Culture
The germination process occurs from 9-12 months and then the Yerba Mate seeds are transferred to the fields

3. Harvest
The harvesting process is a combination of technology and tradition, so leaves must be harvested at the perfect time (after approximately 4 years) when they are ripe. 

4. Drying
The harvested leaves are exposed to direct fire to prevent fermentation and oxidation. Then the crushing process starts. When the leaves are all crushed you get toasted Yerba mate.

5. Aging
The characteristic flavor and the aroma of the Yerba Mate is defined by the aging process of the leaves.

6. Milling
The process of the Yerba Mate production is completed with the milling. The Yerba Mate is treated to its type: the way is harvested, when was it planted, etc.
Different parts of the plant are mixed depending on the brand of the Yerba Mate.


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