Yerba Mate preparation: Step by step

Although bitter at first sip, Yerba Mate tastes better and better as far as you build your journey with this beverage, making new friendships, enhancing yourself with its benefits and gifting your body with this one of a kind beverage.

                                                                                  photo by: pabloborca

Here are some steps in order to prepare the perfect Yerba Mate:

1. Fill your thermos or kettle with hot water

First, make sure that the water is neither boiling nor cool. The ideal temperature is between 70º and 80ºC. 

2. Pour in the Yerba Mate and start shaking

Fill the your favorite Yerba Mate gourd with three quarters full, then cover it with your hand, move it upside down and then give it a nice shake. This way you'll get rid of the dust that otherwise you might taste it while drinking your Yerba, and unfortunately it's not quite pleasant for your taste buds.


3. Tilt, then make a hollow and pour in the water  

Next step is to tilt the gourd so that the Yerba Mate places on one side, then slowly pour a little water into the empty side. Let it sit for a moment before continuing the process.

4. Place the Yerba Mate Bombilla

Bombilla should always be placed into the moist area of the Yerba Mate within your gourd, where you poured water. 




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