Yerba Mate over Green tea - Here’s why:

We’re going to compare Yerba Mate over Green tea! Here’s why we prefer Yerba Mate over Green tea:

yerba mate tea

                                                                                      photo by: Tim Snell

Both Yerba Mate and Green tea contain natural caffeine as a compound, but the difference is that Yerba Mate is growing over Green tea (25mg), because of its higher level of caffeine, (80mg).

Caffeine is an important awakening element for our body, with its benefits to improve our concentration and boost our energy, and what’s more interesting is that Yerba Mate with its caffeine saves us from the crushing feeling, that usually caffeine in coffee or green tea does.
Yerba mate is winning the nutrients race over the Green tea. It contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, etc. Green tea only contains vitamins and minerals.
Speaking of nutritive elements, Green tea has anti-oxidant called EGCS which is responsible for many benefits that this tea gives us. But Yerba Mate has a larger amount of anti-oxidants that makes this beverage a healthier option.

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