Yerba Mate + Milk (combination worth trying)

Stephan Blazevski

Nowadays Yerba Mate is combined with many ingredients, sweeteners, and even drinks. Its texture allows to combine it with everything that you can imagine, and still, it will taste good. 

                                                                   photo by: Reverendo Kybow
We suggest trying this combination: Yerba Mate + Milk
First, you'll have to heat a liter of milk sweetened by your taste, and then fill another container a 3/4% with Yerba Mate. 
After this, it starts the shaking process where you have to place your hand over the container and then shake it good. Then pour the milk over the Yerba Mate from one side of the container so the surface will stay dry and add cinnamon or coconut extract (optional). Finally, place your bombilla and enjoy in your milky Yerba Mate.

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