Yerba Mate & its favorite accessory, the Bombilla

Hanna Kasho

Yerba Mate bombillas - photo by: Christian Córdova (Flickr)

                                                                               photo by: Christian Córdova

Despite its unique taste, ways of preparation, Yerba Mate also has unique utensils from which it is consumed: gourd & bombilla. Today we're going to have a look at the different types of bombillas!

Believe it or not, here are Yerba Mate bombillas specifically designed for certain blends of Yerba Mate.

1. Spoon Bombilla

This type of Yerba Mate bombilla is considered as the most perfect one because it can be used for any type of Yerba Mate blend. One of the ends is in the shape of a spoon, covered with many holes whose purpose is to act as a filter. 

2. Coiled Bombillas

This type of Yerba bombilla is also filtered with a spring shape filter, which makes this bombilla outstanding Spoon Bombilla because it doesn't clog that easy as the Spoon Bombilla usually does. Coiled Bombillas are recommended for Yerba Mate beginners or Yerba Mate lovers who prefer the smoother taste of Yerba Mate.

3. Fanned Bombillas

These types of Yerba Mate bombillas have filters in the shape of several horizontal slivers and are recommended for Yerba Mate lovers who enjoy the fine taste of Yerba Mate!

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Despite many types of Yerba Mate bombillas, it's also very important to mention that they're made of different materials.

Yerba Mate bombillas are usually made from stainless steel which is long-lasting and inexpensive. Another material from which the Yerba Mate Bombillas are made is the silver. These types of bombillas are especially for those who enjoy luxurious accessories. Despite other materials that never rust, there are also a bamboo Yerba Mate bombillas, usually used to drink cold Yerba Mate - Terere. 

No matter what type of Yerba Mate Bombilla you choose, this one of kind beverage is always there to give you the best joy and enhance you with its benefits.

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