''Yerba Mate'' a health potion for a better motion

Judith Maidana
                                                                           photo by:Judith Maidana
One in a kind, a magical tree, found in the rainforests in South America, the charger for your brain, capable of relaxing your body and calming your soul.

Yerba mate
or Ilex paraguariensis is a species of the holly genus Ilex that is widespread throughout the temperate and subtropical regions of the world.

Despite it's a mineral store and a booster for our immune system with its high level of vitamin C, Yerba mate also increases the concentration, memory and improves our focus.
It will not only make your day better, but it can make your whole life healthier.

Florin Covaciu
                                                                           photo by: Florin Covaciu
This special infusion is served in its own traditional cup named ''gourd'',
and drank through a metal straw ''bombilla''.

Nicolas Avila
                                                                              photo by: Nicolas Avila

“If you are a lover of natural drinks and want to try something different than the usual green or other herbal teas than Yerba mate is the right choice for you.„

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