Yerba Mate health benefits! Improve your physical and mental state with one cup per day!

                                                                          photo by: Felix Khramykh
Yerba Mate is a potion that can help you improve your immunity system, and get your mind and soul in a fully peaceful state. 
Here are some of the main health benefits that you can gain with drinking this beverage:

1. Rich Nutrients and Antioxidants store

Yerba mate contains: stimulants such as Xanthines (caffeine and theobromine), Antioxidants such as Polyphenols and compounds with anti-inflammatory properties such as Saponins.

2.Strong Energy Booster

Yerba mate contains caffeine (85 mg per cup) so it can increase your energy level so you'll be more focused and concentrated.

3.Natural infusion for muscle function improvement
Once again Yerba mate with its caffeine level, also take part in muscle contractions improvement and make you more flexible. 

4. Antibacterial properties 
Yerba mate can prevent you from many bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

5.A package of Vitamins
Yerba mate contains vitamin A,C,E,B2,B3 and the B complex. It also contains minerals such as: calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium, calcium, potassiummagnesium and phosphorus.

                                         photo by: Aldo Fabian

-We can talk for hours about what else can Yerba Mate bring to your health state, but the most important thing is to try it and see for yourself!

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