Yerba Mate gourds: select your favorite

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate is much more than just being prepared, shared, and enjoyed.. it’s a gratitude to yourself for gifting with nature’s good. 

Yerba Mate type of gourds

                                                                               photo by: Guille Balbuena

There are many reasons why you should give it a try to Yerba Mate, but what’s very important knowledge is that there are many types of Yerba Mate gourds, each caring its own pros and cons.

When deciding to buy a Yerba Mate gourd you should ask yourself two questions:

  1. What type of Yerba Mate blend are you going to consume?
  2. How much time do you want to spend on taking care of your Yerba Mate gourd?

Yerba Mate can be found in different types of blends, sometimes with a lot of leaves and fewer stems, and other times you can find it with a lot of stems, or without. 

Overall there are four main types of Yerba Mate: Argentinian, Brazilian, Paraguayan, and Uruguayan. 

  • The Argentinian Yerba Mate has a lot of stems and that's why it has a lighter taste than others.
  • The Brazilian Yerba Mate, or also known as Chimarrão, is a perfect type of Yerba Mate for beginners because of its less bitter & softer taste.
  • Tereré is the Paraguayan type of Yerba Mate, and it's cold Yerba Mate, unlike others, served in a special gourd, called guampa.
  • Uruguayan Yerba Mate outstands others because it's drunk while very hot, without adding any sweeteners, fruit peels, or herbs. It's the most bitter type of Yerba Mate, although it doesn't have any stems, the production process makes this type outstanding in its bitterness.

How much free time do you have during a regular working day? 

Why are we asking you this? It's because there are a few types of Yerba Mate gourds, need to be taken good care of. For example, the Calabash Yerba Mate gourds, have to be cured before the first use, but also will take you a small part of your day to properly be cleaned after their use. And if you don't take good care of this type of gourd it will eventually grow some mold, or even crack. It's approximately the same for the wooden gourds. Although these two types take good care, they are really worth having since they were used for centuries, first by the Indigenous South American people, and now by every Yerba Mate passionate consumer. But there are also a few more types of Yerba Mate gourds if you're very strict with your free time, such as glass, ceramic, silicone, etc. They can be easily cleaned, and will never grow mold. Speaking of these types of gourds take a look at what we're offering: Yerba Mate gourds

Whatever type of Yerba Mate gourd you'll decide to be your first option, the Yerba Mate itself will enhance you with its unique taste and aroma, a taste of nature!

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