Yerba Mate gourds: 5 types

Stephan Blazevski

One of the fundamental advantages of drinking your Yerba Mate on a traditional way, other than looking cool with its gourd and bombilla, is that you can rest assure that you're drinking a pure gift from nature.

Gourds come in such countless shapes and styles that you can be certain to choose the perfect option for yourself. 

Yerba Mate gourds

                                                                          photo by: Aleksandr_Vorobev

There are five main materials utilized for making Gourds:

  • Calabash (Squash)
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Silicone

Depending on your lifestyle and personality you can decide what type of Yerba Mate gourd suits you the best.

1. Calabash gourds

Gourds don't get any more traditional than this one of a kind Yerba Mate gourd. Calabash Gourds are produced using the squash plant. The plant is dried and emptied, then decorated with a wide range of stunning patterns or left clear, demonstrating just the characteristic shades of the squash.

2. Wooden gourds

When it comes to ergonomics, wooden gourds rule! Wooden gourds are regularly produced using Palo Santo which is a very thick and heavy type of wood, that slightly adds a pine flavor to the Yerba Mate.

3. Glass gourds

You can consider these type of gourds as a new era of Yerba Mate gourds, since they have not been around for long. They are made of thick glass that is normally enclosed by leather or other material in order to prevent burning your hands while drinking Yerba Mate. 

4. Ceramic gourds

These gourds are also new to the game. Ceramic Yerba Mate gourds are usually made either from Stoneware Ceramic or Porcelain Ceramic. They can be found in many shapes and designs which makes them a must have in your gourds collection.

5. Silicone gourds

The freshest from all is kitchen grade silicone, or Yerba Mate Silicone gourd. Silicone has high warmth protection and is too simple to form into different shapes and designs. 



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