Yerba Mate flavor: What does Yerba Mate taste like?

Stephan Blazevski

The South American herb Yerba Mate, is one in a kind for the unique way of consumption but also because it has very original taste, which is different than the other types of tea, such as green tea. 

Yerba Mate passionate consumers are describing its taste like earthy, strong and bitter with a very specific aroma.

How does Yerba Mate taste like?

Yerba Mate taste varies whether you're are a beginner consumer or an expert. So if your first sip tastes strongly bitter that doesn't mean that with the second sip you will taste the same, because over time you'll develop and adapt your taste buds to this bitterness.

yerba mate taste

                                                                                    photo by: Mykola Lunov

What's more important to mention is that with Yerba Mate there are no limitations, yes there are a traditional way of preparing and drinking it, but if you can't adjust to this then you can always experiment! We're suggesting you try Yerba Mate prepared in grapefruit!

Now let's get back to the question ''What does Yerba Mate taste like?'' 

  • Bitter; strong (especially if prepared in the traditional way); earthy, woodsy, and grassy with a smoky aroma compared to eucalyptus  

Despite the way of preparation, on the Yerba Mate's taste also affects the production process and brands that sell Yerba Mate with different textures. So sometimes you might taste your mate light and watery and other times creamy.

Whether you belong in a beginner, an intermediate or an expert level of Yerba Mate consumer, this beverage benefits you with its health power equally, with each sip.

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