Yerba Mate cultivators and production process!

                                                                       photo by: Leandro Henrich
Yerba Mate plant- Ilex paraguariensis is grown in South America regions such as Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
The cultivators are called yerbateros/ervateiros and are the key to the Yerba Mate cultivation process so we can fully enjoy in each sip of this beverage.
Yerba Mate can be grown on special plantations or in forests. Of course, the plantations are more reliable because of their quality and of course the quantity of Yerba Mate.

                                                                        photo by: Walters Piessjr
After the leaves change their color into dark purple, during the period of January till April, they are ready to be harvested mechanically, leaf by leaf, tree by tree.
Yerba mate cultivation process contains 6 steps that we've previously discussed:
  • harvesting
  • roasting
  • drying
  • milling
  • aging
  • blending
  • packing
New Yerba Mate plants are started during the Spring period, they can be planted in pots so their transplantation time will take place during Aprill until September.
*The roasting process always goes through direct contact with fire at very high temperatures from 250 to 550 °C, for almost 4 minutes. This is one of the many factors of the Yerba Mate taste, roasting will give to the mate a smoky flavor.*
*Yerba Mate flavor also depends on whether it's a male or a female plant, therefore female plants are lower in caffeine and have a lighter flavor than the male plant.*

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