Yerba Mate Calabash gourds: How they are made & how to cure them?

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate Calabash gourds have been first used by the indigenous South American tribes as a utensil for drinking Yerba Mate.

Nowadays they are still in huge use and in constant progress with their shape & decorations! If you are a Yerba Mate lover, then we definitely encourage you to try drinking Yerba from Calabash gourd, and here's why: 

How these type of gourds are made?

They are made from the Calabash squash plants that are hollowed out, after a proper cut, then dried, polished & sometimes hand carved with beautiful designs.

Calabash gourd

                                          photo by: Cseh Ioan

How to cure a them properly?

Since they can crack very easily, you have to take special care for these types of gourds, but that still should not stop you from having this one in a kind, used for generations, Yerba Mate gourd!

They need to be cured before being used for drinking, so just pour some hot water (not boiling) or a Yerba Mate loose leaf infusion, and then let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. After that take out the water from the gourd and scrape out the first inner layer carefully. Then it's ready for use!

Other important things on which you have to be careful with are:

- Always make sure that after each use of the gourd, you clean it properly, by removing every leaf and stem, and pat the inside walls with a paper towel. 

- Always let your gourd have a nice rest after use, in a sunny & dry area.

- Never leave a Yerba Mate in your Calabash gourd for a longer period since it might lead to growing mold inside.


How to prepare a Yerba Mate in a Calabash gourd?

The preparation process is the same as usual, with one difference: be very careful when inserting the bombilla, since the bottom can be easily cracked.

Despite the special care that these types of Yerba Mate gourds take, this is a historical utensil that truly combines with the uniqueness of the Yerba Mate beverage!

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