Yerba Mate caffeine vs. Coffee caffeine

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate caffeine
                                                                               photo by: Mateo Serradell

Are you looking for a caffeine infusion that will wake you up in the Monday mornings without giving you any side effects like jitteriness or alertness? Yerba Mate also contains caffeine but doesn't give those side effects. So what's the secret? Stay with us and you'll find out!

Yer-BAH MAH-tay - Yerba Mate is a one of a kind beverage with is origins across the South America (Paraguay, Argentina, Southern Brazil and Uruguay). It's used for centuries, first by the Guarani Indigenous people, today across the globe.

With many health beneficial compounds (more than the green tea) and naturally contained caffeine, Yerba Mate might be the perfect replacement for your morning coffee!

Yerba Mate contains smaller portion of caffeine elements (85 mg per cup), which makes better caffeinated infusion than the coffee, and also the after-effects are completely different, or better said after Yerba Mate you'll feel more energized and awakened but won't feel anxious or hyperactive, while the caffeine in coffee will also boost your energy levels, but will cause jitters and crashing effects (in most of the cases). 

Despite containing caffeine, Yerba Mate is rich with many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that gave even more empowering properties to this beverage that's tastier with each sip!




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