Yerba Mate as a perfect replacement for the morning coffee:

Hanna Kliushneva

Yerba Mate is made from brewing the leaves of a holly-like tree Ilex paraguariensis and is 100% natural beverage, which means that it's rich with many nutrients including  24 vitamins, minerals, 15 amino acids, antioxidants, etc.

One of the most important natural elements that Yerba Mate leaves are containing is caffeine. The number 1 most consumed nutrient hides in the nature of this beverage.

Although the caffeine content in Yerba Mate varies depending on the brewing time and quality of the product, it approximately levels between 85mg of caffeine per cup. This means that it has less caffeine than regular coffee, which is the main reason why after consuming a Yerba Mate you won't have the usual jittery feeling, that you might have after a coffee.

Yerba Mate caffeine

                                                                         photo by: Mauricio López

Regarding this here are two Yerba Mate recipes that you can make with your Coffee or Espresso machine:

1. Yerba Mate prepared with Coffee Machine 

For the ingredients: 

🍃 1.5 tbsp Yerba Tea

🍃 Ginger

🍃 Orange Peel

🍃 Mint Leaves


First, be sure to clean your coffee machine very well with water a few times so you can get rid of any coffee flavors. Then use approximately 1.5 tablespoons Yerba Mate per cup of water. Start with the brewing process by turning on your coffee machine (Note: while brewing, you can add orange peels, ginger or mint leaves). In the end, just add any sweetener if you are not a fan of bitterish flavors.

*If you want to make an iced Yerba Mate, use 2 tbsp. of Yerba Mate per cup of water, and then after the brewing process just pour it over ice.

2. Yerba Mate prepared with Espresso Machine 

For the ingredients: 

🍃 1.5 tbsp Yerba Tea

🍃 Ginger

🍃 Orange Peel

🍃 Mint Leaves

The first step is to fill the handle with Yerba Mate (1.5 tbsp). Then slowly pour a few drops of cold water and pull shot. Don't forget that you can always combine your Yerba Mate with milk, honey, sugar, or with mint leaves, ginger, and orange or lemon peels. Yerba Mate goes perfectly with everything!

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