Yerba Mate and orange peels: combination worth trying

Hanna Kliushneva

The fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet. The recommendations for a daily dosage with fruit is at least 400 gr per day, but do you always throw away the peels from the just eaten orange? They can be used too, in a very creative way to spice up and enhance the flavor of your freshly brewed Yerba Mate! Here's how:

Yerba Mate combined with lemon peels

                                       photo by: Nahuel Kerchmar

  • First, use a knife in order to remove the white bitterish inner layer, otherwise, it will give an extra bitter taste to your Yerba Mate infusion
  • After that, leave them to fully dry and you can do that directly on the sun or leaving them next to a warm oven

There are two options for further use of the well-dried orange peels: 

  • The first one is just to dip them in the warm and freshly brewed Yerba Mate
  • The second option is to blend them into your coffee machine or use a spoon in order to get a powder and then add it to your Yerba Mate beverage

 Yerba Mate and orange peels

                                       photo by: @pocahontas_del_sur

But these are not the only ways on how to combine fruit with Yerba Mate! Have you heard of the grapefruit - Yerba Mate?

In order to prepare it, you'll need any type of grapefruit (not just oranges). First, you'll have to make a big hole enough to fit the Yerba Mate infusion but be careful not to make the walls too thin by pulling out too much from the fruit. Then, pour warm water into the hole and leave it for a moment. Finishing step is to add the Yerba Mate and have a sip from your bombilla.

Either way, the combination of Yerba Mate and any fruit is just a vitamin bomb for your body that's worth trying!  


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