Yerba Mate and it's unique taste !

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                     photo by: Wladyslaw Gasiorowski

Let us introduce you with the Yerba mate taste and make you wanna try this unique beverage at this very moment!
Yerba mate consists high concentrations of tannin in the leaves, and because of that on your first sip, you'll taste a bitter flavor. Also, it tastes earthy and grassy because of the sticks and stems that exist in some Yerba mate packages. The taste can depend on how much tea you add to your gourd if you add a small amount than the bitterness will reduce.

                                                                                photo by: Tikhon Tikhonov

Here are some food products suggestions, that can minimize the bitter flavor:
-Lemon and orange peels
-Peppermint herbs
-Coffee (for the lovers of coffee and tea)

To conclude, Yerba mate is 100% natural flavored tea, that would give you only pure and positive effects!

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