Yerba Mate and its health benefits

Yerba Mate is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. It’s made from the leaves of the tree Ilex paraguariensis, native to South America.

Despite traditionally consumed in central regions and southern regions of South America (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, southern Chile, etc.), it’s also consumed in Levant, Syria and Lebanon.

                                                                                             photo by: TasiPas

Produced directly from the mother-nature, Yerba Mate has many benefits that give this beverage some extra value, making it a must-try!

Here are the main benefits that Yerba Mate provides with each sip:

  1. Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, including xanthines (caffeine); caffeoyl derivatives; saponins; polyphenols; B Complex; Vitamin C; etc.

  2. Yerba Mate contains 85 mg of caffeine per cup, which makes this beverage the perfect coffee replacement - providing you with the extra energy you need but saving you from the jittery feeling.

  3. Yerba Mate can improve your physical performance

  4. Yerba Mate may enhance your energy and improve your concentration needed to seize the day


    Despite the many benefits that this beverage can provide, its taste and aroma make this beverage a fortune from the nature that might make you rich inside and outside!

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