Yerba mate across the world !

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                      photo by: Alina Yavtushenko

Yerba mate is an infusion consumed by thousands of people in different countries all across the world.
It's unique for it's taste and nutritional properties.

The plant ''Ilex paraguariensis'' needs at least 1500 mm of rainfall per year, and a temperature between 15,5 and 28°C.

It grows mainly in areas where the soil is mainly rich in phosphorus, potassium and iron.

                                                                        photo by: Oscar Mongelos

Today's biggest producers are Argentinians, Brazil and Paraguay, and they are at the same time Yerba's biggest consumers.
Also Yerba mate is consumed South America such as Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia and the Middle East, mainly Syria and Lebanon. Interesting fact is that the habit of drinking yerba mate in this region was bring with the emigrants returning from South America.

                                                                               photo by: Silvia Nortes

In the cities of Argentina you can very often see people walking the streets with large thermos containers with a hot water, for making mate, or drinking it at their work or school.

It's also popular in South America, especially in Uruguay to see public areas with hot water fountains for people to make their mate whenever they want.

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