Yerba Mate Bombillas: Different types with one goal

Hanna Kliushneva

Bombilla (bom-bee-shah) is a straw used to drink Yerba Mate. Back in the time, the Guarani people started drinking Yerba Mate by using twigs or hollow stalks as a bombilla replacement. Nowadays Yerba Mate bombillas have involved in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Let's have a look at the types of Yerba Mate Bombillas in the 21st-century!

Yerba Mate bombillas

                                                             photo by: Victor Emilio Taborga Imaná

1. Spoon Bombillas

These are considered as the perfect bombillas for any type of Yerba Mate blend but especially recommended while drinking the Gaucho Yerba Mate blend, which is a type of blend that contains mostly powder. One of the ends of the Bombilla has the shape of a spoon, covered with many holes whose purpose is to act as a filter. 

2. Coiled Bombillas

This type of bombilla has also a filter but this time in the shape of a spring, and the main difference between the first type and this is that Coiled Bombillas don't clog that easy as the Spoon bombillas can. Coiled Bombillas are recommended for Yerba Mate beginners or Yerba Mate lovers who prefer the smoother taste of Yerba Mate.

3. Fanned Bombillas

These types of bombillas have a filter in the shape of several horizontal slivers and are recommended for the Yerba Mate lovers who enjoy the fine taste of Yerba Mate!

Despite these three types of Yerba Mate bombillas, there are many more! You can find out about them in the following link:

Yerba Mate bamboo bombilla

                                                                                 photo by: Radovan Tůma

Now let's take a look at the materials from which Yerba Mate Bombillas are made

Yerba Mate bombillas are usually made from stainless steel which is long-lasting and inexpensive. Another material from which the Yerba Mate Bombillas are made is the silver. These types of bombillas are especially for those who enjoy luxurious accessories. They are very durable and are always recognized on the market as one in a kind. Despite other materials that never rust, there are also a bamboo Yerba Mate bombillas, usually used to drink cold Yerba Mate - Terere. 

Whether you're going to choose a bamboo Yerba Mate Bombilla or a stainless steel Yerba Mate Bombilla, Yerba Mate infusion is always there to give you the best joy and enhance you with its benefits.


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