Which Yerba Mate gourd suits your personality?

Stephan Blazevski

Another thing that makes Yerba Mate unique infusion, despite its taste are the gourds, cups in which this beverage is served! Today you can find them in different shapes and designs. We're highlighting the most popular ones:

1. Calabash gourd

Calabash gourds are considered as the first cups used to drink Yerba Mate, so we can also highlight them as the Traditional ones. Nowadays they are can be found in a variety of shapes, but in order for you to enjoy fully, we have created a handmade Yerba Mate gourd wrapped with synthetic ECO leather! The leather comforts your hand and spices up the look of the gourd, making it a unique piece for collection, décor, gift and most of all - everyday use.

2. Ceramic Yerba Mate gourd

Considered as the new era of Yerba Mate gourds, ceramic gourds are definitely worth having because of their many advantages. First, they save your time because there's no need for curing and caring, and most important no mold! You can choose whether you'll drink a hot or cold Yerba Mate in it, and take it with you wherever you go! In order to give you the maximum pleasure, we created this Ceramic Yerba-Mate Tumbler Gourd of Diamond Facet Pattern with its clay benefits that prevent from cracking in the microwave and never disturb your lips and hands with a burn.

3. Wooden Yerba Mate gourd

These gourds are usually made from two types of wood: ''carob'' and ''palo santo'', which are both found in South America. It's a perfect Yerba Mate gourd for those who want to fully experience the taste of Yerba Mate, but still, don't want to be bothered with the curing part later. We're having the perfect wooden gourd for you, a Handcrafted metal covered wooden mate gourdHandcrafted in ergonomic shape with a flat bottom for extra stability, the gourd amazes with dainty metalwork of fine polishing, molding, and carving. It is made of a solid block of Carob, the hardwood tree, known for its density and beautiful saturated reddish color. A silvery aluminum coat, as light as a feather, adds dazzling shine to the design and ensures the gourd never splits.

4. Glass Yerba Mate gourd

Glass Yerba Mate gourd might be your last option, but not when it comes to our Leather wrapped handmade glass yerba mate gourd! This handmade glass cup of calabash pumpkin shape is a practical, though multifunctional, alternative to the traditional natural mate gourd. It assures pure savor of the infusion or drink, free of chemicals or oxidation. Although it does not boast a "memory" feature of an Argentinian Cimarron cup, it allows the use of sour liquids, hot and cold, fizzy and still, with or without a bombilla; it does not retain or impart flavors, so no side-smells will ever disturb you from luxuriating the drink. It is a splendid product of truly VERSATILE use.


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