We introduce you with the 4 types of Yerba Mate!

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate is an infusion full of uniqueness, whether it's the taste, flavor, or its accessories. It is well known throughout the globe, but Yerba Mate originally comes from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
yerba mate world
                                                                         photo by: Raíssa Ruschel
1. Brazilian Yerba Mate
Brazil is the largest Yerba Mate producer. Brazilian Yerba Mate looks almost like matcha green tea, with strong green color because of the balanced aging. It has a creamy consistency with a light and refreshing, grassy taste.
2. Argentinian Yerba Mate
This one is considering as the best type of Yerba Mate because it contains each part of the plant including leaves, stems and the powder. The taste can vary, depending on the producer, it can be stronger or lighter.

                                                                        photo by: Daniel Capelani
3. Uruguayan Yerba Mate
It contains mostly powder and a small Yerba Mate leaves, easily leading your bombilla to clog. It taste is quite strong and creamy because of the powdery consistency.  
4. Paraguayan Yerba Mate
Like Uruguayan Yerba Mate, this one also contains a good amount of powder, but with different sizes of the leaves (small to medium). It taste can be from sweet to bitter or even sour.

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