TOP 3 foods that go well with Yerba Mate

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                          photo by: Aleksandr_Vorobev

There’s something about the earthy, fresh and warm taste of Yerba Mate that makes you want to combine it with a snack. Right?

Have you already tried some of these food suggestions?

  1. Chipa

These are a small baked, cheese-flavored rolls, a popular snack, and breakfast food in Paraguay. Easy to make, Chipa have a delicious cheesy flavor that matches perfectly with Yerba Mate.

  1. Bizcocho

In Uruguay, the croissants are called bizocho, and are sweet croissants that can be filled with chocolate, pastry cream, dulce de membrillo or dulce de leche (sweet or salty). These delicious pastries are worth trying to while drinking your freshly brewed Yerba Mate.

  1. Pinhão

Pine nuts - eddible seeds or pines from the pineapples. This is a very typical combination in south Brazil, and a great combination alongside Yerba Mate!

Share with us in the comments your favorite food that you’re combining with Yerba Mate!

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