To those who seek to find a healthy replacement for coffee, we have an option for you, it is called the Yerba Mate !

Yerba mate is a one in a kind beverage, because of it's special ingredients such as minerals, proteins, anti-oxidants, polyphenols and many others natural compounds that are very important for our organism. We'll talk about each of them in our posts, but in this one we'll look deeper and see how much caffeine Yerba mate contains, and why it's better to consume it by drinking mate, instead of drinking coffee.

                                                                                 photo by: Carlos Lista

The caffeine is a stimulant of our nervous system, it's effect is alertness in our brain, which lead us to feel awaken, refreshed and refilled with a new energy. Headaches are gone, and we're ready to start our day. But as much as there are positive things, there are always some side effects, and it mainly depends on how much caffeine will you take, or in other words, how many cups of coffee you'll drink in 24 hours. If you overdose yourself with coffee you'll start to feel anxious, your blood pressure and your heart rate will raise, you can even cause yourself problem with sleeping such as insomnia. That is why, there are always levels in each type of food or drink that we digest.

On this table we separated the levels of caffeine in a Yerba mate and in a coffee, which are very important, because as we mentioned, from the level of caffeine consumption depends how it'll effect to your body.

Yerba Mate


*caffeine levels*

*caffeine levels*

85 mg per 8 fl. oz cup

94.8 mg per 8 fl. oz cup

                                                                           photo by: Henrik Niestroj

So if you're not a fan of how coffee tastes, or you're the one of many people that have side effects of coffee consumption, that here is a better solution for you, and not only that you will infuse a caffeine to your body but also many nutrients that Yerba mate contains, so you won't help only to your brain, but also to your immune system, heart, your digestive system and also to your skin, because Yerba mate is a health enhancer.

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