The new era of gourds: Ceramic and Glass gourds!

                                           (gourds from our store that you can purchase)
Used for centuries by the indigenous Guarani people as a sip container for the traditional Yerba Mate drink, the gourd is a just another way of people creativity and ability to make a masterpiece out of a very basic fruit-calabash fruit.
As time passes by, this one in a kind cup has been through many phases in which it only became better and affordable for each hand.
We're all familiar with the traditional gourd made out of Calabash fruit, but these days there are a variety of materials used for gourds production.
Let's talk about the modern era of Yerba Mate gourds, ceramic and glass gourds:
In the process of making the ceramic gourds, there aren't any machines needed, they are only made with the pottering process, through a gentle pressing to the ceramic powder, shaping it in its traditional form of gourd added with the slight amount of creativity and inspiration.

                                          (gourds from our store that you can purchase)
Ceramic gourds have many advantages and some of them are:
-heat resistance
-very hard composition
-easy for use and cure
-corrosion resistant
How to start using your just bought ceramic gourd? Very simple:
You put an optional amount of Yerba Mate in it, then shake it till you see the bigger stems on the surface, which will make easier on your way drinking it so your bombilla won't clog. After that, pour a small amount of cold water and let it sit for a minute, then add hot water and leave it that way for a few minutes. Then is tasting time, but if it's still too hot, leave it for a few more seconds or add a bit of cold water and enjoy in each sip.
-You can always mix your Yerba Mate with some sweetener, whether is honey, sugar or some fruit.
-After use, you can clean your ceramic gourd either by hand or you can put it into your dishwasher.

(gourds from our store that you can purchase)
Glass gourds are definitely part of the new era of Yerba Mate gourds, not only because of their unique look but also because they allow you to watch your mate as much as outside, inside too.
You can directly be part of the Yerba Mate process that is happening inside, once you've prepared it.
Easy to be cleaned, enemies with the mold and most important, they don't need a curing process.
-They are not resistant to heat like the ceramic gourds, but the creators are thinking about everything so most of the glass gourds are coming with a leather wrapping so you won't burn your hands.
To sum up, whether you decide to go with the traditional Calabash gourd or try something else, Yerba Mate will always be there for you to enhance you with its pure elements given by nature.

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