The difference between Yerba Mate and Matcha

Both coming from a plant, Yerba Mate and Matcha are one of the top 10 used natural beverages. They both contain elements such as caffeine and antioxidants and are considered as healthy enhancers. But there are many differences between these two beverages that we're going to highlight in this article.

Yerba Mate vs Matcha

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Yerba Mate is made from the dried Yerba Mate leaves of the holly tree Ilex paraguariensis while Matcha is made from the green tea leaves. 

Yerba Mate preparation vs Matcha preparation

In order to prepare a Yerba Mate, you should first steep the Yerba Mate leaves in warm water in your favorite gourd, and then drink it from Bombilla. While to make Match you need to whisk the Matcha powder into milk or hot water into a bowl or cup big enough to whisk it properly.

Yerba Mate taste vs Matcha taste

Yerba Mate taste varies depending on many factors during the production process and the type of blend, but it usually tastes earthy, strong, and bitter with a smell of an eucalyptus. Matcha on the other hand usually has vegetal taste with a sweet aftertaste. 

Yerba Mate benefits vs Matcha benefits

Yerba Mate is rich with many healthy nutrients including antioxidants (polyphenols, xanthines, etc.), vitamins (B Complex, vitamin C, etc.), and minerals. Yerba Mate is also a natural source of caffeine (85 mg per cup) that enhances the Yerba Mate lovers with the caffeine power but saves them from the jittery feeling that usually many people have after drinking a coffee. Matcha is rich with antioxidants that make this beverage a powerful health enhancer. It also contains natural caffeine in the amounts similar to the Yerba Mate.



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