Tereré vs Mate: main characteristics and differences!

                                             photo by: Adriano Garcia/Joannawojtacha

From Yerba mate leaves you can have two different infusions, depending on the water, whether is hot or cold. 
Therefore you'll have a Chimarrão-hot mate or Tereré-cold mate.
Yes, they use the same ingredient, both are typical drinks in South America, but have a special for itself elements that we'll discuss.

                                                                                    photo by: Jhons-W

As we mentioned before, they're both prepared from Yerba mate leaves, but instead of using hot water for Yerba mate, Tereré is prepared with cold water and ice. This characteristic makes this beverage more used in warmer regions. The main difference that we have to mention is the larger vessel named Guampa with origins from Paraguay, while the Yerba mate is prepared in its traditional Gourd. Another interesting fact about Tereré, is that you don't have to own any thermos or special container which is the case with Yerba. You can use a simple bottle and still have your Tereré fresh and cold. The taste is mainly similar, but Tereré has a bitter one. Yerba mate is known for its well-blended texture so it won't clog the bombilla, while Tereré texture has a lot more thick leaves and stems.

                                                                             photo by: Jose-Ferreyra

To sum up, Yerba mate is always there for you, in the winter and summer days, to refresh you, energize you and remind you that you're as unique as the infusion you drink.

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