Tereré - the iced and spiced Yerba Mate

Hanna Kasho

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                                              photo by: Fernando Fleitas

Yerba mate gets its heritage from South America. It is prepared from dried leaves of the tree Ilex paraguariensis. Traditionally it is consumed warm, and it's prepared in a gourd, but during the hot summer days, we are in constant need of cold beverages, and because of that we're introducing you with the cold - Yerba Mate, Tereré.

This is a traditional Paraguayan way of Yerba Mate preparation and consumption and we ensure you that it's worth trying! 

Traditionally this cold & refreshing beverage is made in a special vessel - guampa, a Yerba Mate gourd made from the bull's horn, and nowadays you can also find it made with different materials. It can be combined with fruit juice or different herbs.

Ingredients needed for making Tereré:

  • Loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  • Cold water
  • Ice cubes

Optional ingredients:

  • Lime juice
  • Fresh orange (or other fruit) juice
  • Mint leaves (or other herbs)
  1. First, fill your guampa (or glass) about half full with loose-leaf Yerba Mate
  2. Then, cover the guampa with your palm and turn it sideways so that the Yerba Mate can place on the other side
  3. Place the bombilla on the side where there is an empty space and add few ice cubes
  4. Last but not least, pour the already prepared mixture of cold water, juice, and herbs into the guampa and let it steep for a moment in order to enhance the flavor
  5. The last step - Enjoy!



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