Tereré: a cold-brewed Yerba Mate

Stephan Blazevski

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Tereré or Terere is a cold-prepared Yerba Mate beverage, iced up instead of warmed with hot water, brewed in a slightly larger vessel called Guampa. 

Today we're going to get you introduced to the cold version of Yerba Mate, Terere.

                                                                                       photo by: marcinm111

This perfect for the summer infusion has Pre-Columbian American origins, in the Guaranitic region. The Guaraní people have called this infusion ka'ay, where ka'a means herb and y means water

As we drank traditionally prepared Yerba Mate in a calabash gourd, Terere is consumed from a special vessel called Guampa/Cuia. 

Guampas/Cuias can be made from animal horns, or stainless steel, wood, and silver.

It's important to know that the new guampa/cuia should be watered before use, because of the round piece of wood that is found within the lower part of these types of gourds. By adding the water, the wood expands and covers all leaks in the guampa/cuia. The guampas/cuias can also be made from wood and covered in leather or steel.

How to prepare Terere? 

First, fill the cured (paragraph above) guampa/cuia with Yerba Mate (2/3 to 3/4 full). Then, add ice cubes and some herbs (not obligated), to the water on the vacuum flask, and fill the guampa/cuia with ice water. The final step is to add the bombilla and enjoy it in your Terere!

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