Shine your bombilla with this cleaning tips!

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                 photo by: TV

Taking care of your gourd and bombilla is a necessary thing. These tools are helping us in the experience with Yerba Mate, so we can fully enjoy it, but they need to be cured in order to extend their lifetime. If we left them, and don't take proper care for them, they can grow mold or be clogged, speaking of bombilla.


                                                                            (bombilla from our web-store)

The main reason for clogging the bomiblla are stems, but also it can be caused by other ingredients, too. As time passes, the ingredients are accumulating around the filter as a hardening compound that will lead to clogging.


                                                                         (bombilla from our web-store)

The curing process of bombilla depends on how many times do you use it. We recommend boiling your bombilla once a week for 10-15 minutes. Always add a baking soda during this process, and after it, while rinsing your bombilla, and to make sure that each part is clean, you can use a thin, long brush mixed with water and baking soda.
To end the curing process, just gently wash off the soda with fresh water and let your bombilla dry and be ready for use.

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