Recognize a qood-quality Yerba Mate with these few tips!

Stephan Blazevski

It is not always important to know how to cook a cake, but it's also very important to know what you're buying for its preparation. So it does with Yerba Mate, its preparation is only following some steps, but the key is to buy good-quality ingredients. 
yerba mate facts
                                                                        photo by: Mátheus Ribeiro
We share with you some tips, on how to recognize a perfect Yerba Mate:
First, you need to follow the ''senses rule''= look; listen; taste; touch and smell!
1. Observe the color of the Yerba Mate - the color of a quality Yerba Mate is yellow to green, mixed with thick and thin leaves with dust.
2. Touch the Yerba Mate mixture - it should have consistency as a dry leaf.
3. Hear the sound of the Yerba Mate while holding it in your hands - it sounds like you walk on stems and dry leaves.
4. Smell the Yerba Mate - it's smell is always a bit roasted and fresh, like a freshly cut grass.
5. And finally, use your taste - Yerba Mate always has a fresh and quite bitter taste.

                                                                                 photo by: turki9292
Each component of Yerba Mate has its own importance, and brings richness to this unique beverage! So don't underestimate them separately, take your time and choose the best Yerba Mate for drinking!

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