Prepare an Original Yerba Mate with these steps:

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate preparation
                                                                      photo by: Gabriel Alegro

Yerba Mate, the naturally stimulating and healthy beverage with its origins from South America, is growing every day worldwide, and its uniqueness combined with health benefits might be a strong reason why?!
In today's article we're sharing with you few steps in order to prepare an original Yerba Mate, so that you not only taste its benefits but also remember its core, being one of a kind beverage.
First step is to fill approximately two thirds of your gourd (Calabash is recommended) with loose-leaf Yerba Mate 
Second is to hold your gourd at an angle of about 50 degrees, keeping the opening closed with your hand and start shaking it with the other. This will prevent your Bombilla from clogging.
Next step is while holding your Yerba Mate gourd at an angle, to pour a small amount of water, onto the bottom. Leave it for a minute and then place your Bombilla on the bottom of your gourd.
Final step is to pour some hot water (75-80 degrees), until you fill it to the edge. Leave your Yerba Mate to sit for about two minutes and then enjoy while drinking!

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