New type of Yerba Mate - Grapefruit Yerba Mate!

Stephan Blazevski

If you think that you've done learning about Yerba Mate, we don't!
Yerba Mate is a worldwide used infusion that takes part in the top 10 most used beverages, and yes there are many reasons why! It has a very unique taste and aroma, it enhances with many benefits, Yerba Mate has a special preparation process and it's drinking in the one in a kind gourd & bombilla (the Yerba Mate essential tools)!
We introduce you with a different type of Yerba Mate, one that you can make whenever and wherever you want, whether you have your gourd with you or don't.
yerba mate
photo by: @pocahontas_del_sur
A ''grapefruit Yerba Mate'' - you can choose whatever grapefruit you want/eat. Then it is important to make a big hole in it, enough to pour your Yerba Mate later. Pour warm water into the hole and leave it for a moment. After that, pour your Yerba Mate and then drink it from your bombilla. 
This is a great combination full of natural elements and vitamins. Enjoy!

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