Never say thank you, unless you’re finished with your Yerba Mate ! We introduce you with the Yerba Mate rituals !

                                                                  photo by: Paweł Paczkowski

A Chimarrão circle-or as we like to say it-Circle of peace, love, and happiness. This ritual started many years ago, with the Gaucho, a Brazilian cowboy, who has followed the traditional steps of preparing Yerba Mate, but with adding something new, something that today brings people closer.

                                                                        photo by: Pablo Reinsch

The circle can be formed by anyone, friends, and family, and it starts with the person named ''Cebador'', the first one who has the privilege to make and try the mate, and decide if it's good enough to continue circling. In some places, passing the first brew to another drinker is considered as bad luck, so if it happens for you to be the one-the Cebador, follow these rules.
After drinking it till the last sip, the Cebador refills the gourd again and passes it to the next drinker. That person drinks the whole mate and should never say ''thank you'' because that means that he had enough, and the circle will lose its meaning. But don't worry there are always exceptions for the new ones and those who take too long drinking the whole group. The others will take care for these situations with politely saying the phrase: bring the talking gourd, and the meaning behind this is a thoughtful joke: they're drinking the mate like they are using a microphone to sing a song. The circle continues until there's no mate left.

                                                                      photo by:Danil Roudenko
Chimarrão circle became a tradition that helps people unite from different nationality, race, skin color and believes. It brings families gathered and gets them closer to each other, it creates new friendships and keeps it the positive energy that these days this world is missing.

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