Meet another infusion of Yerba mate - Tereré !

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                              photo by: Rafael Motta

Tereré is another infusion made with a Yerba mate, but instead of hot water, it's prepared with cold water and ice.

It's the national drink of Paraguay and its origins are from there.
The Guarani people call this infusion ''Ka'ay'' (ka-herb;y-water).

In different regions it's prepared with lime, orange or pineapple, which is called  "tereré ruso" (Russian Tereré) because it is mostly the Slavic immigrants those who have this practice.

                                                                               photo by: Carlos Báez

Tereré is prepared in a special glass called Guampa/Cuia, which is usually made from animal horns, but some people also made guampas from wood, metal or silver.

Like the typical gourd-cup, also guampa needs to be cured before use (especially the wooden one). It should be filled with water because the bottom of the cuia is usually capped with a round piece of wood, so it can expand and cover all leaks in the guampa.

                                                   photo by: Fabio

Here's how to prepare a cuia of Tereré:
1. Fill the cuia with yerba leaves (1/2)
2. Pour cool water and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
3. Add some ice cubes, herbs or even some fruit slices.
4. Fill with iced juice and then enjoy in your Tereré !

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