Make your Yerba Mate taste perfect with this few tips:

Hanna Kliushneva

Yerba Mate is a natural beverage that contains a lot of nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, etc. that make this infusion a health bomb and a long-lasting mental and physical booster.

Yerba Mate - photo by: Pepi Montero

                                                                                     photo by: Pepi Montero

Because of the many benefits that this beverage can bring us, it takes its place in the top 10 worldwide most used beverages. 

Yerba Mate despite being unique in its preparation process and tools also has a very unique aroma and flavor and speaking of flavor not many are a fan of the bitterish taste that this beverage has.

But there is a solution for you to still keep on drinking Yerba Mate and enhance yourself with its health benefits, without using sugar and lose the benefits that you seek from the first moment.

For this purpose, we're sharing with you some very important things that can finally help you with reducing the bitterness in the Yerba Mate.

Whether you're going to use a Yerba Mate blend with or without stems, you should: 

  • Always pour first cold water into your gourd filled with Yerba Mate
  • Never use boiling water (170 F)
  • Steep your Yerba Mate for five minutes maximum

Yerba Mate flavor - photo by: Federico Chiesa

                                                                                 photo by: Federico Chiesa

If you still can't stand the small amount of bitter taste while drinking your Yerba Mate, an option might be honey, but if you follow these rules the bitterness would be reduced so you won't even notice it.

We encourage the Yerba Mate consumers who are beginners to follow these steps and continue drinking this unique beverage, because the more you'll drink Yerba Mate, the more you'll like it and enhance yourself with its natural health benefits.

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