Main types of Yerba Mate blends:

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate taste is very similar to a green tea, but with stronger herbaceous, earthy tones that transitions to a more toasted, almost caramelized flavor.

It's flavor, aroma, and quality depends on many factors such as its drying and toasting process that might lead to a different taste later. So that's why we decided to highlight the three main Yerba Mate blends that can help you choose the best one for you after you're going to read this article! 

Yerba Mate flavors

                                                                                photo by: Lisa Birkigt

Yerba Mate without stems: If you prefer stronger and bitterish flavors then this should be your choice because this type of blends can hold the flavor much longer and can be very easily found Southern Brazil and Uruguay! 

Yerba Mate with stems: This type of blends are mostly recommended for the Yerba Mate beginners, especially if you prefer a more mild flavor. We also suggest you trying ''Tereré'' (cold Yerba Mate)!

‘Yerba Compuesta’: This one we recommend for the Yerba Mate experts! It refers to a Yerba Mate blend formed by 60% Yerba Mate leaves and approximately 40% of other herbs such as mint, rosemary, etc.

Organic Yerba Mate: It's called organic with a purpose and that's because it's grown without any chemicals like pesticides or additives.

Flavored Yerba Mate: This type of Yerba Mate usually contains a higher content of stems and it's mostly flavored with citrus peels.

Yerba Mate in teabags: This type of Yerba Mate is the easiest way for you to have your daily dose of Yerba Mate, and it can have a variable amount of stems.

Yerba Mate flavors

                                                                               photo by: Syrian Tammouz 

No matter which type of Yerba Mate you're going to decide for, this beverage will gift you with its benefits in any form!

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