Look inside the Map of Yerba Mate!

Stephan Blazevski

                                                                         photo by: Jesper Hilding Klausen

Today Yerba's largest producer is Argentina. Yerba Mate has spread through many countries worldwide and we're going to look around the world map where exactly you can find a freshly made mate.

Drinking Yerba Mate, while walking on streets, or sitting with friends became a daily habit to many people around the globe. While someone is rushing to take a cup of coffee, others are carrying their thermo with a gourd, and drink Yerba Mate whenever they want.


                                                                                     photo by: Vitaly Suprun

In Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay you can see toasted Yerba Mate selling in tea bags named mate cocido (Paraguay) and chá mate (Brazil).

It's also served sweetened in shops on the streets, hot or cold, mixed with milk or fruit juices (especially lime juice in Brazil), with a combination of some sweet pastries.

On the other side, Uruguay is the largest consumer of Yerba Mate, with a consumption of 10 kg per capita. Right next to them are Argentinians with a 5kg Yerba Mate per capita.

Yerba Mate is consumed in Lebanon, Syria and some other parts of the Middle East, mostly where there are Druze and Alawite as a population.

It is also consumed in South Africa, brought by the farmers known as Boers.

To sum up, Yerba Mate spreads daily, through the whole globe, and the main reason for this is because of its good quality, unique taste, and positive benefits.

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