Legend behind the Yerba mate !

                                                                     photo by: Maciej Karwowski

Yerba mate roots were first formed by the indigenous Guarani people, defined with a legend wrote in the book ''Yerba Mate: Mate. Mate. Mathi. 9000 years of Paraguayan tea,, by Augusto Kolina Anton Shikhanov.

It all started in a Guarani region with a ritual of satisfying an unnamed god, who in return will support the people with blessings and gifts. This god was only satisfying with the most beautiful girls from the village, and because of that there was a tradition, each year during spring solstice, was sacrificed another young girl.

But someone had to put an end to this ritual, so, therefore, was a girl who decided to escape this ritual. Because of that, the god decided to punish the Guarani people with terrible horror. Only a few of them were able to escape, jumping on a boat and sailing through the wild ocean. On the boat, was the girl who broke this terrible ritual of sacrificing the young and innocent girls among the tribe.

They were sailing many days, until one day a young man noticed a small dried pumpkin in the water with the shape of a woman. He didn't tell anyone, and with each new day, he continued finding another and another until they came to the shore of their new home. An old man jumped out of the boat and crushed one of the pumpkins. The young man thought, ''he broke my beloved one, forever''.

The Guarani people started a new life in their new homeland. One day the young man felt something, and he followed his feelings led by his heart and came to the shore, which he called the Coast of Love. He once again discovered five new pumpkins-calabash that lookalike a woman. Then, he returned to the people with the pumpkin, and the whole tribe believed that was a gift from the new gods, without any instructions or orders on how to use the Calabash fruit.

The Guarani people were now happy that they made a new cup and found it's the right way to use ''drinking a Yerba Mate from it''. The new gods accepted the cup without hesitation so that the tribe could forgive the girl who caused the terrible horror. They finally entrusted the most valuable thing to the young girl that they had -The Green Gold Yerba Mate!

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