Introduction with the Yerba Mate Nomenclature!

Stephan Blazevski

Yerba Mate first was known as the ''Ka'a'' - ''Herb'', named by the indigenous people, Guarani, who invented this beverage. The meaning of this word was: ''what keeps us alive". Throughout the years' mate got through many challenges and changes, and that's why today we have the opportunity to enjoy in this also called ''Drink of Gods'', Yerba Mate.

                                                                             photo by: Юрий Смык

Let's discuss Yerba Mate pronunciation in different countries and cultures, so you can name it properly wherever you go!

In Spanish, Yerba Mate is called as ˈʝeɾβa ˈmate - with the accent on the first syllable, and the ''h'' for ''hierba'' is silent. The translation of it is Gourd Herb or ''the herb one drinks from a gourd''.
In Portuguese, Yerba Mate plant is pronanunced: ''erva-mate - ˈɛʁvɐ ˈmätʃi]''. There are three different names for Yerba Mate drink, depending on the water, hot or cold: chimarrão (hot), tereré (cold) or chá mate (hot or cold). But most of the people in Brazil pronounce it as Mate, so you won't be mistaken if you choose this option.

                                                                photo by: Kingshuk Mazumder
To sum up: Yerba Mate is becoming worldwide known, and today these two words are recognized by everyone, no matter which language, or culture, Yerba, Mate or Yerba Mate, we're all in love with it!

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